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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 Dec 2006

Location: Brisbane, Australia

MapGot ready and checked out for 10...again! Had cereal for breakfast and finally used the tea bags we bought in magnetic island. We headed to the beach to relax in the cool sea breeze and beautiful sunshine. Got a bit hot for me so I wondered round the shops in Noosa. Had lunch back at the hostel (we have figured its probably cheaper to cook ourselves rather than eat out all the time). The hostel kitchen are not like mum's kitchen...she probably would have a heart attack if she walked into some of the kitchen's i've been into. They are worse than the uni kitchens...not all of them though. Ok so we got the greyhound bus down to Brisbane, took about 3 hrs or so. Had to get a taxi to the hostel because they stopped doing their free pick up. By this time it was about 7pm. Ate $4 pizza in the hostel, not as good as Gangsta's in leeds, this pizza was practically a rotli (chappati) with pizza toppings on served in a cardboard sheet...yum! We met Rachel (who I went to the cinema with in Hervey Bay) and some other friends of hers. Got showered and ready for a night out in Brisbane. Started with a few drinks in the hostel, talking to people, drinking and more was Malibu night...which means surf ride. Basically its like those inflatable bull rides that you have to try and stay on. I had a go, i was pretty good actually got to level 23 (ok it was out of 100) but i stayed on longer than most people. Headed out to town to Rick's cafe/bar, didn't stay there long ended up munching some Mcdonalds as you do. There seemed to be more people out on the streets than in the bars so we decided to get back to the hostel for bed.