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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Friday, 15 Dec 2006

Location: Brisbane to Surfers Paradise, Australia

MapWe checked out at 10 with hangovers and manged to get back in the room for some more sleep until the cleaners kicked us out. We wondered to the sunday markets and had a english breakfast. Jumped onto a train to South Bank a really nice part of the city along the river where they had a lagoon, market stalls, cafe's and art galleries. The Brisbane gallery was one of the best galleries of modern art i've been to. It started to rain, so we went for a coffee before getting the train back. The weather in Brisbane hadn't been very nice, just cloudy and raining but still warm though. Got our stuff and made our way to the transit centre for KFC before getting our bus to Surfer's Paradise. It was only just over an hr away, probably the only short journey we've done. The hostel was clean and had a very homely feel to it. Had some rest until Jenni arrived with her sister (she's my finnish friend who i stayed with in Melbourne). Had a few drinks and got ready to go out although non of us had a taxi number and it was pissing it down outside. We ran to the bar next door and just about managed to get there for last orders. They ordered us a taxi but we waited and waited and waited...... no taxi so we caught the bus that we saw in the distance. Thats only the start of the mission, it was already 1.45am. Next mission was to find a club. Met some funny people from Melbourne who were sure they were going the right way....turned out we were going the oppostie way. Ended up being 2.50 by the time we actually got to the club Bedroom. But it turned out to be one of the best nights ever....see photos soon. STayed until the end at 5am, didn't get back to bed until almost 6am.