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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 17 Dec 2006

Location: Surfers Paradise - Byron Bay, Australia

MapVery hung over and very tired, yet again we had to check out at 10am so you can imagine we didn't get much sleep at all. The girls went to the supermarket to buy stuff for breakfast and lunch. We got the free bus into Surfers where we did some shopping, Jenni went on Vomatron ride....the name just made me feel sick. Then went for a walk on the beach and headed back to the hostel for something to eat before getting our bus to Byron Bay. After 3 hours of sleeping on the coach we arrived in Bryon Bay. It was mine and michelle's last greyhound bus together as she's heading to Melbourne for xmas. We stayed at 'The Arts Factory' hostel and as the name suggests its a very 'hippy' place. Had to sleep in different dorms because they made a mistake with the bookings. We just spent the evening chilling out in the hostel on these comfy sofa's next to a chirstmas tree.