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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 Dec 2006

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

MapCaught up on some sleep and after breakfast we wondered to the shops and then the beach. We look like proper backpackers with out grocery bag and carrying ceral and bread around with us. Had this amazing cheesecake desert thing on the beach and just realxed in the shade. Got a bit bored of just sitting down so i went for a 40 min walk to the view point near the lighthouse where you can apparently see dophins but i didn't see any. We cooked dinner sausages, chicken satay and salad. Thought we'd have a bbq but it turns out there isn't one in this hostel. Spent the evening sharing a bottle of wine, playing some pool, cards and chatting to a few people in the hostel. Byron bay is a really cool place, and the weather has improved too.