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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 19 Dec 2006

Location: Bryon Bay, Australia

MapWe booked to go Kyaking so had to be ready for 8 am for our pick up. Got ready and had a quick lesson of how to kyak, then we were off in the ocean. Didn't realise how hard it was and as per usual michelle and i were last at the back. We mastered turning around because we often found ourselves drifting away in the wrong direction. Saw one dolphin in the wild which was really cute but we missed seeing the turtle. I spotted a little blue fish in the sea and both michelle and i leaned over and you can guess wot happened....capsised in the ocean! It was so funny though. Three hours Kyaking is really hard work, we soon found out but it was really good to get out into the ocean. We 'caught a wave' to the beach for some coffee and Tim Tams (penguin biscuits) then splashed about in the ocean. Showered at the hostel and had some beans on toast. I got the bus into town to go to a workshop to paint a boomerang. It was so much fun, always wanted to some some creative aborigonal artwork myself. You could also make your own digeridoo and decorate it but it would have taken a couple of days and i couldn't see myself carring it around with me. Now i'm just in the internet cafe, going to get some drinks then back to the hostel to get ready for my last night out with michelle.Back at the hostel we cooked some sausage pasta and salad and sat next to some kiwi guys who insisted on ‘slapping some goon’. Goon is basically wine you get in a box but its taken out of the bag and its on ozzy thing to take it out the box and just drink out the bag. So I we had some of the ‘goon’ really dodgy horrible cheapo wine (worse than lambrusco) and finished off our ‘nice normal’ drinks then got the bus into town for a night out. The first place we went to was The Beach House followed by Cheeky Monkeys (which was like any student union, overpacked, smelly and just horrible). We decided to head to La La Land for a few drinks with a friend we met back in Airlie Beach. It was pretty quiet in this place, we were drinking with Sally from home and away, see the photo. Even I know who she is and I don’t even watch home and away. This is the first spotting of a ozzy soap star in the wild…lol. On the way back we got a pie from the 24hr pie shop, didn’t get back until 3.30 then I had to be up for 4.50am to do a sunset tour. Slept for about 30min and got up for the sunset tour. Michelle was being lazy and I couldn’t get her out of bed. I went alone for the tour but I was too tired and it was pretty cloudy so I didn’t see much of the sunset. Took a few snaps and then the bus driver stopped at the bakery for breakfast which was the same place we got pies from just 2 hrs ago. Headed straight to bed at 7am.