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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Dec 2006

Location: Nimbin, Australia

MapUp again and ready and checked out for 10. I got the bus to the town to collect my boomerang but the stupid guy wasn’t in the workshop. I waited for a while and almost missed the bus to Nimbin. We booked a day trip to Nimbin, a really really hippy town not far from Byron Bay. I spotted the bus from the distance, a multi coloured grasshopper bus. We took a scenic drive to Nimbin, through some pretty hills and countryside, I was falling asleep by this point. Eventually got there and looked around the hippy town. It was crazy, the place was full of strange people and strange shops. The museum of Nimbin was wacky, couldn’t wait to get out of there it was like being in another world. After that we went to some swimming hole, to a pub to buy some drinks for the bbq and off to the bbq spot. It was soooo funny, the bus broke down but the driver managed to fix it so we got back to Byron Bay in time for getting my boomerang before the workshop closed. Packed my stuff, chatted to Michelle about our trip and then headed out for some food at the bus stop café, where we ate some Thai food. Stuffed ourselves and said our good byes then got on my last greyhound bus to Sydney, a long 13 hours drive.