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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Dec 2006

Location: Byron Bay to Sydney, Australia

Map13 hours later, caught up on some sleep on the bus and ended up in Sydney at 10.30 am. I met up with Sam and Jodie (course mates from uni) at the bus stop. We spent ages looking around for some lockers to dash my bag whilst we did a bit of sight seeing. After walking around the whole station we ended up in the same place found a café for some breakfast and then found some luggage storage. We headed to Darling Harbour and wondered around for a bit then visited Sydney Aquarium. Had fun in the Aquarium messing about taking some silly photos and spent 30min in the photo booth taking a scary photo which ended up printing the wrong way. After we had some hot waffles and ice cream and then I caught a train to meet my aunt at work for a lift back home. Spent the evening catching up with them and sorting out my bag of smelly clothes.