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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 31 Dec 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapHad a big ozzy bbq breakfast to fuel ourselves up for the day. Then packed up the cool boxes and made some sandwiches to take with us to the harbour. Got the train to North Sydney and walked for 15min to get to Blues Point were we picked a spot to watch the new years fireworks. We weren’t allowed to take drinks past the point but luckily we had a few beers and a bottle of wine stashed at the bottom of the bag that they forgot to check. We got there at about 1.30 and had to wait ages for the fireworks. Occupied ourselves by playing endless games of cards, reading magazines and listening to the ipod. There were two sets of fireworks one at 9 and the big ones at 12. Brilliant fireworks, you have to see the photos. It was the year of celebrating the anniversary of the bridge known as the ‘hanger’ that’s why you see a coat hanger on the bridge. Looked a bit rubbish if you asked me although the diamond looked pretty. We had a brilliant view of the harbour bridge, skyline and the opera house. It was manic getting back home, so many people all trying to get to the train station. Had a few drinks when we got home and then spoke to mum and dad.