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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 07 Jan 2007

Location: Chirstchurch to Fox Glacier, New Zealand

MapPanic in the morning when i thought i'd missed the tour bus but it was ok because it was hiding behind a bigger bus. Got on and was greeted by our tour guide Shane, 2 freshy's, 5 Korean's, 1 Ozzy Shaun, 1 Spanish dude Orial and a fellow English girl Rhidema (think i spelt the names right). There was only 11 of us on this tour bus so it meant we could spread ourselves out which was comfy. We drove through Canterbury Plains and into the Southern Alps, through some impressive mountain ranges along Arthur's Pass and Otira Gorge waterfalls cascading overhead. The first stop in the west coast was at a town called Hokitika, where Shaun, Ori and I stopped for lunch in the cafe. We went to the Jade factory and continued our way south to Franz Josef (glacier formation) and then stopped at lake Matherson. Here we were supposed so see and awesome reflection of the snow peaked mountain but because of the cloud cover and breeze we missed out. Continued driving to Fox Glacier and checked into our basic but clean lodge. Had dinner with the other tour group and then after dinner went for a walk with Shane into the forest to see glow worms. It was scary i tell you, the forest was pitch back and the only light you could see was from the glow worms. The others thought it was funny to scare me in the dark....ahhhh!!!