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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Monday, 08 Jan 2007

Location: Fox Glacier to Queenstown, New Zealand

MapHad 5 mintues to garb breakfast before we had to check in for our Heli-Hike along the glaciers. We sat on this old fashioned bus which took us to the heli-port where they made us wear these hiking boots and smelly woolen socks. It was ace seeing the glaciers from the helicopter ride and i got some stunning photos from above. Landed on the glaciers and put some spikes on our shoes. Surprisingly it wasn't as cold as i imagined, well i did have a few layers on but nothing too extreme. We stomped our way through the ice following our guide seeing icefalls, slippery ice caves and streams. It was amazing walking around the ice, the guide carved steps for us to follow but most of the time they were giant steps so i ended up leaping from one to the next without falling. The glacial valley is dramatic and the size of it is unreal. Spend about 2 hrs hiking around. Stopped in Fox for some lunch with Rid then we got back on the bus and drove to beautiful Haast pass stopping at Thunder Creek falls admiring this world heritage area. We also had a break at Makaora for a snack and stopped at lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea on the way to Queenstown the adrenalin mecca of the southern hemisphere. Queenstown is the most beautiful town in the world, we checked into our lodge which had massive glass windows with the view of the Remarkable mountian ranges. The rooms were nice, again i shared with Rid in a 4 bed drom. Had dinner watching the sunset and spend the evening drinking wine. The food was fab, didn't really expect it to be this good on the tour.