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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 09 Jan 2007

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

MapGot up mega early to see the fab sunrise. Had a fun packed day starting with a 2hr horse riding trip in Glenorcy through some valleys that were filmed in Lord of the Rings. The horse i had Batler also stared in the film as well as being the main horse in Hercules. First time i'd been horse riding and it was scary at first but an excellent way to see the stunning landscape crossing rivers and fields on horseback. Fell asleep on the bus back to Queenstown and when i got there i luckily met Shaun so we went up on the gondola to see the Queenstown landscape and then took a luge ride down. Rushed to check in for the Shotover Jet boat ride, the worlds most thrilling jet boat ride with 360 spins. It was fun, got a bit wet but wasn't as scary as i expected it to be. Spent some time in Queenstown and decided to walk back to the lodge and i went the wrong way and ended up walking though some forest. Finally got back and spend an hour in the spa and sauna with a fantatic view of the Remarkables. Had dinner with the group catching up on the days activities and then persuaded the guys to come out for a few drinks. We went to minus 5 bar which is totally made of ice including your glass, had a few drinks in other bar then went to World club.