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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 13 Jan 2007

Location: Chistchurch to Kaiakoura, New Zealand

MapRented a car with Rid and her friend Andy, managed to get a cracking deal last minute on a electric blue 4WD Subaru Impretza. I let Andy drive first because i was a bit scared driving this new car. We drove to Maruia Springs, natural sulphur hot springs. It was so relaxing sitting in these springs with the trees all around you. But i felt as if i was getting eaten by sand flies so i went inside the japanese bath house. Drove to Hamner Springs and went for a tea a cake in a cafe and also did a waterfall walk on the way there. Headed down some windy roads to Kaiakoura and checked into our hostel then spent the evening in an Irish pub and had some local food crayfish and local wine.