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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 23 Jan 2007

Location: Rotarua, New Zealand

MapI was ready to do my skydive today in Lake Taupo. After a 2hr dive up to the lake the weather wasn’t looking too promising. I spent about 1.5hrs in the skydive place waiting for the weather to change but it was a no go for skydiving today. As soon as we left it started to rain. We drove to Rotarua 1hr away hoping to do the skydive in the morning. Rotarua is the ‘Sulphur City’ where there are many hot springs so it was a little bit stinky. Vinay, Micky and I did the Zorb which is basically a big inflatable hamsterball with a bit of water in it. And what happens is, crazy people jump inside the ball and roll down the hill. We got soaked Zorbing downhill, it was fun though. Had a spar in the motel room this time so we all jumped in the spar when we got back. Went for a walk in the evening to the lake and we all had a go at the monkey bars but Vins was unlucky and landed on his ankle and had to hop all the way home.