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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Jan 2007

Location: Rotarua to Auckland, New Zealand

MapThis was my second attempt of skydiving but this time I didnít even get as far as the office. It started to rain and didnít took hopeful. So in the end we went to another museum called Te Paui or something like that. This was more sort of outdoor, where we got a tour of the hot springs and the hot rocks, it was pretty amazing to feel all this heat just naturally coming from the rocks and loads of mud pools. We also learnt a bit about the Maori culture and lifestyle, ate some traditional food called the Hangi cooked in a stone oven and watched some traditional dancing Hacka (if your wondering what it is just imagine the NZ rugby team on their opening ceremony). Had another long dive to Auckland, another 3 hrs away. Had dinner at nandoís and then a few drinks in a bar near the harbour.