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Sheena’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 25 Jan 2007

Location: Auckland, New Zealand


Today was the day, although I wasn’t getting my hopes up too high as the sky didn’t look very clear. The van came to pick me up at 9am, the place was 40 min from the city. I sat in the van nervously waiting to reach the airfield. When we reached Mercer Airfield, we were in the middle of some fields.

It was crazy, I didn’t get a chance to even think about it, it all happened so quickly because they were rushing me because the clouds were closing in. I was originally doing 12,000 ft but the guy was like ‘its only an extra $30 to go 14,000ft’ so I just agreed to do it. I was all dressed in the gear and met my tandom diver Won and the camera man Aaron.

Got near the aircraft and had literally 2 min intructions, basically he said ‘keep your head up, hold on to the braces, keep your back arched like a banana and we’ll talk about the landing when you in the air.’ I was thinking how the hell am I going to land??? I sat in the aircraft looking out, we were only half way up and I was still smiling, then I saw the ground disappear and clouds everywhere. Couldn’t belive I was going to jump 14,000 ft out of a plane. Started to get scared when the first guy just fell out the plane, then another and the other tandom person. I was shitting my pants!

It was my turn and I just held on tight and tried to enjoy the experience. It was soooo scary but an incredible experience freefalling for 53 seconds. The best part was jumping out, I had butterflies in my stomach as we somersaulted out of the aircraft. The scariest part was not being able to breathe properly freefalling. It was out of this world falling through the clouds. Then I saw the ground, my adrenalin was buzzing and I felt like a bird…’I’m like a bird…’ landed softly on the ground.

Fantastic, I recommend it to everyone!!!! I was on a high all day, still excited about the whole experience, I can say I’ve been there, done that, got the photos, dvd and the t-shirt! Unfortunately I can’t upload the dvd but you have to see it, comedy!

A few hours later I did feel really dizzy and had the worst headache ever, but it was all worth it. In the evening we went out for tapas and Swiss ice cream on Mission Bay (still doesn’t meet Haagen standards, terribly miss Haagen Dazs ice cream, i will be expecting some when i land Bhickumasa!).