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nandynoa’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Mar 2007

Location: Australia

MapGood Day Mates!
Well, finally an English update. We keep having trouble for not writing in english, so this time English first, then Spanish.

Nandynoa have been in Australia for about three weeks. It was sad to leave Thailand but we were looking forward to meeting friends in Aussie land.
We landed in Syndey and,after spending few hours walking around the Harbour, the Opera House and the Bridge, we flew again, this time off to Melbourne.
We spent a couple of days in a guesthouse, visiting Melbourne city center and its beaches and trying to get used to the new prices (Geeez everything seems to be sooo expensive after traveling in Thailand!!!)
We met some friends and ended up staying at Joeys'and Bula's house (we firts met Joey back in Edinburgh, where we used to work together at the Scotsman Hotel), where we felt home. We even got to drive Joey's car! Home sweet home!
We went to a Trance Festival around Melbourne where we met Lani and Ely (two lovely travelers that Ainhoa met in Thailand) and their friends Jude and Natalia. We camped and guess what? It rained and rained the whole day! we didnt want to leave the tent, it was all muddy and cold. Brrrrr. Finally the second day the sun came out and the party was "oficially" inaugurated. It was awesome.
After the Festival, Nandy flew to Brisbane, where a good friend of his, Rodney (who also used to work at the Scotsman hotel in Edinburgh) met him. They went to Mooloolaba, where Nandy got in touch with the real aussie barbie, tried some kangaroo meat and experienced the mad waves of the aussie ocean. He didnt enjoy them so much, specially after being swiming in Thai sea, where there are no waves at all...A couple of days later he met another aussie friend in Noosa, Shannon (guess what, she also worked in Edinburgh with Nandy!),met her partner Willy and their funny dog, Killer, that loved his beer. They did some nice beach walks and enjoy some good weather too!
In the meanwhile, Ainhoita met Nicolas after a year.(no,he didnt work at the scotsman) They moved up north to Scott's Head, where his dad lives and where Nicolas grew up. Guys, what a place to grow up! It is so beautiful over there! Nicolas took Ainhoa around the area and did some nice bushwalks, (ainhoa finally met the "leechees", some nice black worms that will get into your skin given any chance), learnt some photography skills, swam under a beautiful waterfall and against the waves in the sea, and eat some good tucker always cooked in the barbie. Emma, Nick's perfect sister joined us too ;)
The weekend came and we drove back to Sydney, just in time for Ainhoa's Brithday, which we celebrated around some african food.
Nandito was also in Syndey, waiting for Ainhoita in a Four-star posh hotel, where they celebrated their reunion and enjoyed the morning-after breakfast :)
This last week Nandynoa have been doing some walks around the city, its beaches and the Blue Mountains with Nicolas, until Ainhoa strained one of her feet. That means no more walking!
We are staying in a very cool apartment in a pretty interesting area of Sydney, King's Cross. We have met Bronwyn, Emma and Craig too...all Nicolas' family.
But tomorrow we are moving on again, this time we are going to Lorne, where Sonia and Dale live. (ainhoa's greatest friend from back home!)
From here we want to thank everyone in Sydney for their time spent with us and for their hospitality, it was great. But Melbourne waits for us!!!
Speak to you soon!
Love, Nandynoa.