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Scott’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 04 Jul 2007

Location: Argentina

MapWell everyone this is my final update from South America. I think I need a hug. Its an emotional time for me this.

Well my final has been a time of ups and downs, didn´t manage to complete all I wanted but then I rarely do. Had a good time walking around La Boca and brought an awesome hemp hoodie, with those two things pretty much being the highlights.

In a short time (Well 12 hours) I will be hanging out in Madrid. Has a nice ring to it when in reality I will be spending 5 hours in the airport.

Just thought that I would make a list of some of the different characteristics I noted from each of the different countries I visited, for my benefit as much as anything else:


- Food is either with an inch of cheese, deep fried, or else comes with Papas Fritas
-Macking up in public places, usually plazas
-The best damn green apples ever
-Roaming dogs
-Exhaust spewing buses
-Inelligable Spanish
-Pre mixed pisco sours
-´Dos Mil´ for everything


-Spanish looking people
-´The Aucklander´ attitude
-Peugeot 504 taxis
-Hot máte
-Men kissing (on cheeks)
-Black and white pavement tiles


-Streets smelling of urine
-The feeling that you just have to wait and hope that things will turn out for the best
-Order in street markets yet utter chaos
-Anything you can possilbly think of can be brought at a market stall, but nothing unique or original
-A general uncivility with the people


-´The Gringo Trail´
-Welcoming people
-Discontent against their neighbours
-The feeling that they would sell the grandmother


-Tribute to the equator in the wrong location (I mean the whole country is named after it to for gods sakes)
-Dodgy locals
-Drunks drinking on Sundays
-Short beggars
-The most guns (police doubling on motorbikes, one with a unhostered six shooter)


-Motorcycle capital of South America
-´Viaje Sin Armas´
-Blaring carribean music from every street and long neck beers
-Pipes for shower heads and one cold tap only
-Motorbikes for sale in supermarkets
-Tropical fruit juices
-Cactus on the beaches

Well thats about all for now folks. Will update from Spain if I can.

Adious South America, you´ve been great...