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Scott’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Aug 2007

Location: London, UK

MapHi All,

Erm...well once again it has been a long time since updating the 'ol blog. I guess lack of travel is coinciding with a lack of motivation. However, in saying that I am off on a bit of a jaunt this Thursday to Edinburgh to catch 'The Shins' live and to check out some of the fringe festival. Oh yeeeahhh....

So past couple of weeks. Well can't say that there has been that much happening to be honest. Missed out on a cloud bubble at an exhibition - don't want to explain further but it would have been cool trust me. Been doing more of the same really, getting drunk and socialising during my weekends. Caught a few football games and getting into the swing of things - even doing alright on the virtual football league. Beating Shapleski anyway.

To elaborate further - the other week basically involved a bit of good food, some chilling out in the occasional park, and a bit of shopping. Weather has been absolutely wicked over the past two weeks but now is very much looking like the London I imagined - one word - Grey. Grey grey grey. Looking forward to another 6 months of grey, itís really been devoid of my life as a colour over the past 5 months previous. Good on ya grey. Excuse my cynicism.

The weekend just been was pretty cool. Met up with a Scottish Lass I met in Colombia to have a few drinks on Thursday. Unfortunately whilst Luke, myself, and Genevieve (Scottish Lass) were discussing what three condiments we would take with us to a desert island ((What are your three? Also discussed top five vegetables last night (not on a desert island though). Maybe we should join 'Salient' and write these up)) some pillick stole her handbag from next to her. Unfortunately she lost her phone, keys, and wallet. Roll on the shots of Opel Neira and welcome back to the Oval hangover.

As it was with karma; of course the day at work on Friday was probably the most intense I have had so far. Had to handle meeting some important people and also had to deal with trying to get some busted Heritage Gates fixed but managed to have my first victory since working here which gave me warm fuzzies. Unfortunately all my hard work was unfolded on Monday but at least I tried my best.

Just stepping back slightly to the Friday morning - I made a complete dick of myself on the Tube into work. Think I was still a little tipsy but I ended up running down the stairs of the station to catch the tube which was milliseconds away from leaving. I managed to bowl on into the first carriage, creating a huge scene while I banged my head and nearly got my foot stuck in the closing doors. All eyes on Scott. The tube then lurched off away from the platform, and of course I wasn't hanging onto anything. I fell into the welcoming arms of a great big black dude who was standing behind me. I stammered an apology out and kept my head down looking at my shoes for the remainder of the journey. Just the way I wanted to start the working day.

Friday night I headed out to this wicked venue called Koko which would have to be one of the best bars in the world. So so cool. Had a few live gigs playing which were pretty good but the venue stole the show. Unfortunately didn't have my snapper present but will take it along next time to catch some action in the place. Only downside was the prices at the bar - 4 doubles costing 28 quid. Yeeowsa.

So now got today at the office and then I'm off for 5 days as next Monday is a public holiday. Looking forward to Edinburgh heaps, can't wait to see what the city has on offer, especially if I'm intending on moving up there at some stage.

Will post fab photos.

Toodle pip,


p.s. Another hilarious moment in the life of Scott occurred last night. I brought a new toothbrush last night only to have Luke whine that he had brought the same one. He spoke of some conspiracy to try and lick his saliva or something weird like that. Out came my trusty Sharpie pen to inscribe my name on my toothbrush to avoid confusion; amid much mocking. Somewhere along the line of writing 'toothbrush' I got interrupted by Luke and wrote 'Scotts toothbush'. Nice one retard...