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Jules, Pete + Chris’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Feb 2007

Location: Anaheim, USA

MapChurches and museums visited 0
Girly screams by chris (about) 15
Car museums still 0

Hi everyone, our first update and you will all love to know that we are having a blast!! 4 days in disneyland have come to an end, and we are weary travellers. Jet lag didn't hit tooo bad (our cure is to stay awake for 36 hours and go to Disneyland) and we have adjusted to wearing pants and long sleve shirts. Not too cold.

DIsneyland is great, however have noticed that everyone is america has children by the age of 25 and alot more people are grossly fat. Going on all the rides and seeing Chris's screaming as the rides go up and down is a treasure. Eating out has been a challenge though am sure that we all have gained a couple of pounds already I am sure. Some great memorabilia has been found by chris, and promptly set home with insurance, cheap perfume, shoes and shirts. A bottle of Moet in the liqour store only costs $34. Nice, so we hve been drinking a bottle a day (just kidding). We have been to ESPN zone, Johnny Rockets, Tony Roma's and Chris snuck out for McDonalds. So far so good and all goals achieved. Off to whistler we go for some skiing, schnapps and chris learning to ski.