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Jules, Pete + Chris’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Feb 2007

Location: Whistler, Canada

MapWell well well. We now all know that chris has had the first royal storm off of the trip, and it doesn't help that he was half way down Blackcombe mountain, and trying to throw his skis off the cliff face. Opps doesn't work well. He has promised us a lesson tomorrow, we will see whether he wakes up or not.

Pete and I have been having a blast. Skiing through gladed tree runs, new ski lifts which have opened for minimal impact on the environment (leaving bucketloads of natural hazards). And that brings us to the 2nd fantastic dummy spit of the trip. Jules took Pete down an awesome chute where only your skis fit down, and you have to make the turn. Lets just say Pete didn't make it and ended up suspended across the chute with his legs around the chute. There is no nice way to say the things coming out of his mouth!! Me, well I was way too far down to offer him any assistance, so preceeded to fall over laughing my head off. Also not appreciated by Pete.

We are staying in a cozy little cottage, with 1 bedroom and a sofa. Very cute. Canadian beers are going down well and chefs Pete, Jules and Chris are finally not scoffing down hree large meals a day.

Thanks to everyone who keeps us in touch with the cricket scores and local media... it's nice to have a touch of home. We will hope to add some photos of our adventures in the next couple of days. Love to you all.