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Jules, Pete + Chris’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Feb 2007

Location: Whistler, Canada

MapChurches and Museums 0
Girly screams by Chris 100
Car Museums: still none!!
Conforti Challenge: Does the Gondola count????

Well, finally it is my turn to have a say. 2 weeks down and surprise surprise Jules and Chris have been a relative joy to travel with. I have only had to send them to their respective corners a few times and award a TKO here and there. hehehehe.

Whistler is indeed a beautiful town as you will see in the photos we will upload. It has all the charm and character of a mountain town......if you take out the thousands of young Aussies who have set up camp here and spend the days skiing hard and the nights skiing harder.....hehehe makes me feel old...NOT. we can still keep up with them.

Jules and I (and Chris hehehehe) were all anticipating plenty of powder and snow conditions to die for. The best season ever they said! well why there is plenty of snow the last month has been pretty tough on the snow quality here. Unfortunately we have had plenty of wind and the skiiers enemy...RAIN. However we have tried not to let that slow us down too much.

You will already have read about Chris's escapades on tuesday in icy conditions. Well the rest of the mountain has been much the same. the lower slopes have been hard and icy though it was considerably better higher up when the wind died down.

Tuesday afternoon was spectacular though. The new Symphony chair has been opened in an eco tourism area of the park meaning that they have only removed 5-10% of the trees in this area rather than the usual 50%. The snow was powdery and we spent the afternoon carving through some unspoilt terrain and making our own way through the trees. Tall Pine forists and bell birds and a sunny afternoon....SPECTACULAR!

Matt, we did the Peak to Creek run. Was definitely great fun but would have been better if the snow wasn't so icy down the bottom.

Chris should be happy with his progress, but he is as always a little too self critical and expects to be Herman Meier after only 2 or 3 runs down the mountain. He has now conquered the lower half of Whistler mountain a number of times with relatively little body damage incurred. I think this stretch may be renamed the saliba Slick for the Olympics!!!!!!

Chris has also taken to the adventure sport offered here on the mountain. Today he tackled the "Zip Trek" a fly wire that shoots you from Blackcomb to Whistler Mountain at high speed and about 100 feet off the ground. He even managed to do it upside down. Each distance in the order of 1000 feet long. WOW!!!

While Chris was flying across the sky line, Jules and I were tackling the upper mountain. The Saddle had the best snow today. But it was bitterly cold with the wind. A wind chill of approx -30 deg C.
We also flew down the Super G and downhill track for the olympics. Was very icy but will be great to look back in 2010 and say that we have skiid It.

So sadly we are going to be leaving Whistler tomorrow and heading back to Vancouver. We have had great fun here, we only wish the weather had been a little more favourable.

Chris has plans on coming back in 2011 (after the olympics held here) to tackle the luge and bobsled track which you will be able to slide down with a hired sled and driiver by then.

Not sure if you have been keeping up with the weather but eastern USA has been hit by severe cold in the last weeks. Has been approx -20 deg C of late. we hope the airport will be open and we don't get delayed

Enough of my ramblings. we are having a great time. Will keep you up to date with all as we go. Love to all Fam and friends.