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Jules, Pete + Chris’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Feb 2007

Location: Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver!, Canada

MapChurches and Museums 0
Car Museums 0 (for the moment)
Chris's Girly screams: capped at 100 and never to be heard again...we hope
Conforti Challenge: Did I mention the Gondola!!!!!

Well where to start since we last left you in beautiful Whistler and headed to Vancouver (V). The bus trip from the mountains to V took us through some beautiful scenery and past the highest water falls in Canada- the Shannon Falls. But that is where the "beauty" began and ended.

You could say that neither Jules, Chris and I are giving V the big thumbs up. We thought that we would have dinner in "Chinatown" for some yummy and appropriately priced Chinese food. Well this was a good lesson that not all "Chinatown's" are like our own back in Sydney. After passing through the official entrance to Chinatown not a restaurant was to be seen and the only meal to be served was to be found at the "Soup Kitchen" which had a line up of literally hundreds of homeless people coming for their evening meal. We had never seen anything like that before. We managed to walk ourselves into the dodgy part of the town, and walked our way out quicker than we entered.

Since then we have noticed that there is a massive number of homeless in this city. Like you wouldn't believe. We have seen hundreds of people living out of shopping trolleys and you only have to wait for a couple of minutes before you see a bin being raided. It has given a great deal of context to the protests that occurred at the unveiling of the Olympic clock here last week. Protesters were begging for money to be spent on the homeless rather than the Games.

Nevertheless, Day 2 V and we were buoyed for some sightseeing and keen to capture the pulse of V. But whoops V is asystolic!!! We caught the ferry to North V and a bus to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. However, the bus driver told us to get off at the wrong stop, about 4 too soon. We think that he just took fun at pointing the tourists in the wrong direction!! Some locals pointed us the right direction and we turned up for a day of adventure climbing the bridge and sailing through the trees. IT WAS CLOSED! You would have thought someone would have told us. We were left standing out the front in hysterical laughter.

So headed back to where we came from, and onto the beautiful Stanley Park. Well if the trails weren't all closed, the cafes could be found and the maps lead in the right direction Stanley Park may be a nice place. The teahouses were all closed or non-existant, there were no maps and we walked aimlessly for an exit (which we found after 2 hours of deliriously hungry walking later). To top it all off there had been a storm recently and half of the forest had fallen over, or had been felled.

Well enough about our winging, we are sitting in a diner, eating breakfast and writing to you all on the rainest day ever. (This is how Jules remembers her V experience from before) Going to the airport and headed East to NY.

Matt and Poss: hope little Fletcher is going well, and ED is treating you well!
Suzanne: good luck with opening in Perth
Kathryn: Good luck with the new job when it starts!
Deb: again happy birthday, and hope that the wedding plans are moving forward
All those having babies: hope all is going well, and Ian and Janina: it's getting close now
Love to everyone else!!

Pete, Jules and Chris