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Jules, Pete + Chris’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Feb 2007

Location: Innsbruck, Austria

MapNew York New York.

Churches 1 visited
3 sited and photographed
Museums 0
Cool buildings: millions
Car Spedo: 302km

Well everyone it is good to be out of america and into Europe. It's been a busy 5 or so days... with little sleep and a lot of walking around the town. We are currently sitting in an laundromat and washing clothes, having been awake for around 39 hours, and little sleep on the plane.

New York was amazing, and finally a city that didn't go to sleep at night when we arrived. All goals have been achieved.

Empire State Building: Freezing cold but amazing to see the city from 86 stories high!!

Brooklyn Bridge: the first between Manhattan and Brooklyn built in 1876 (i think that's right). An amazing suspension bridge which changed the face of NY city all htose years ago.

Ground Zero: WOW is all we can say. To go though the local church St Pauls which supported the workers and survivors for 14 months after Sep 11. It was a fairly emotional journey for us to see the devestation and suvival. Amazingly this church was not damaged in the fall of the 5 buildings, not a leadlight window cracked, and it was right across the road.

Wall Street: what can we say the financial hub of the city

Madison Square Garden and Macy's: We saw the NY Knicks play the Orlando Magic, with the Knicks winning. Coincidently Julienne saw the exact same game 7 years ago when first over there.

Yankee Stadium: We all caught the train to the Bronx (making it safely) and went on the stadium tour. We got the chance to sit in the press boxes, in the dugout, in the stands and pass through the monument park. The best bit though was to go inside the locker room/clubhouse, but not able to take any photos. Amazing to see where all the Yankees greats have sat before us (Babe Ruth etc)

Our shopping has been successful with Chris finding his beloved items, and being able to send them home. Cathy is $79 for Nine West shoes a good bargain?? THough no Bloniks to make you jealous.

Our trip the to UN building was inspirational!! Amazing to see where the councils all sit, and the work that is being done. The day we were there the security council was to discuss the continuation of peacekeeping missions in Timor.

Johnny H has made the news over here for his comments about Dick Channey, though we don't reallz know what about.

So we are now in Innsbruck, and have had our bratwürz and sauerkraut. Julienne's high school german can at least ask whether the other person speaks german and we can go from there! Chris at least knows the menu items from his 29 years of German food experience. Driving the car has been fun, with Pete doing a fantastic job getting us the 300 km from Zürich to Innsbruck, with an alright navigator as well. However a little worse for wear tonight.

Auf Wiedershen and we will once again try to upload some photos somewhere. Love Pete, Jules and Chris