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Jules, Pete + Chris’s Travel Diary

Friday, 02 Mar 2007

Location: Vienna, Austria

MapOdometer reading 1296kms
Churches 10
Castles 7
Museums (do castle museums count??) 4
Oldest artifact 3940's BC

Hi all from Vienna

3 weary travellers are ready to crash into bed tonight. We are definitely going to need a holiday to get over this one!

Well since we wrote last we left Salzburg, but not after we tramped around the countryside following the trail of the Sound of Music. The car has been a godsend, being able to tramp off into the countryside when we feel like it, however in a little while will curse the car. We have seen the church where Frau Maria and the Baron were married, however unfortunately the high alter is being renovated. Then had lunch near the lake where the children fell out of the boat. For anyone wanting to come here the country side in St Gilgen, (the 'hills are alive with the sound of music' scene at the beginning) is spectacular, and has made my list of places to come back to in summer to hike and generally hang out in. We have scene the pergola where Leizel met Rolfe and sung `'I am sixteen going on seventeen', and then the palace in which the ballrooms were modelled on.

We unfortunately had our first disaster of the trip in the car, which is leading me to a blog on driving in Europe.

1. Driving at 160km an hour down the autobahn is not fast enough, you will get over taken
2. Lanes simply just end, with little to no warning
3. Pulling out in front of someone is obliguatory, and if you think it was a close call simply put your hand up in the air
4. Pete or chris will lose the only map you have
5. 'Chris turn HERE' means slam on the brakes from 155kms and exit through 3 lanes of traffic between 2 trucks and slow down to 60
6. Not sure if speed signs are accurate or legal

Back to our disaster

Lets just say Vienna not impressive to start with however has improved. It took us 2 hours to find our hotel, via many of the same streets multiple times and no one who spoke any english. Each of us have had our own little disasters in the car.

Jules: somewhere from leaving Innsbruck and arriving in Munich we lost a hubcap!
Chris: Hit a bus on the R side mirror (the citroen is built tough, not even a scratch. However the call from the front side passenger was 'Chris chris chris' not 'chris your about to hit a bus , so he doesn´t think it counts)
Pete: driving up a one way street the wrong way and then going 200 metres instead of the required 5 - he required parking and getting out on foot to get back to chris and I without getting lost.

Wow it´s all an adventure.

In vienna we have seen some amazing things
1, A real mummy
2, Relics certified by popes to contain original pieces of the cross on which Jesus was crusified
3, Again certified by the roman catholic church, a relic containing the nail which pierced the R hand of Jesus on the cross
4, Interesting one of the relics of the cross show a perfectly round hole, though to have been pierced by one of the nails as discussed above - however the nails are square?? work that one out
5, Amazing crowns covered in diamonds, emeralds, garnets and spectacular jewels dating back to the 1200s
6, Rembrant and Rubans paintings

The hisory we have seen here is awesome!! We can´t begin to describe it as well as it should be.

Hope everyone is well, keep sending cricket info and score updates!!

Lots of love
Pete, Jules and Chris