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Jules, Pete + Chris’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Mar 2007

Location: Praha, Czech Republic

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Just a quick addition why I am sitting here waiting for the clothes to dry....yes I am on the internet in the laundry but I will get to that in a minute.

So as you know as per Jules last update we have just been in Vienna. While our arrival in Vienna was a little adventurous (ie no map and lost in the city etc) it proved to be an amazing place and we had a great time.

The economical, social and political power of the Austrian Kings and Queens throughout the late middle ages and into the 19th century has meant that Vienna is full of amazing artifacts and its museums overly indulged with priceless pieces....WOW is all I can say. The Treasury was awesome in particular.

Today we have set off into the Czech Republic destined for Praha. The day started out well however the temperature rapidly dropped and we were driving on icy roads for a while. This left us missing the impeccable highways of Austria/Germany.

Didn't take long for us to notice the remnants of years of Communist ruling. As you cross the border you encounter a very rapid change in standard of living and general amenities. Not the least the big drop in road quality.

You only move a km or two in Germany before you are on an autobahn, but on a major trade route we drove for 150 km through little towns and poorly maintained roads.

We eventually made it to Praha, stopped at a hotel and picked up a map and found our accommodation. However there had been a mistake somewhere in the booking and our reservation had been cancelled. Bugger, so we asked the attendant to help find us a room. Which she did, and we ended up driving across the other side of town to where I am now typing this entry.

Now to be honest our digs to date have been pretty good. All have been in hotels, mostly with breakfast included and more than adequate. But today........well lets just say chris now knows what a backpacker's hostel is like. Well to be honest I have stayed in ones a lot nicer than this. but we have a roof over our head. And the ingenious of it all. The only internet port in the place and its in the laundry. but at least you have something to do why you do your laundry.

We spent the afternoon looking around town. Interesting to see the mix of former riches and recent communist occupation and the rapid introduction of commercial enterprise. However to be honest I was expecting prettier! Innsbruuk, salzburg have a lot more charm!!

Tomorrow we have decided to take a day tour. It sounds pretty good and will be a good brake from having to find our own way around all the time....though in general this has been awesome.

We have also made an arbitrary decision to mis Amsterdam, and stay a couple of extra days in London. This will also allow us to stay still a little more, maybe even have a couple of down days as we have been constantly on the go for 5 weeks now

Anyway need to run.
Love to all from the Laundry

Pete (Jules and Chris)