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Jules, Pete + Chris’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Mar 2007

Location: London, UK

MapOdometer reading 3105kms
Churches 15
Museums 7
Car museums 1 (YEAH)

Our last day in Prague was awesome. As I had said we decided to take a day walking tour which turned out to be a really good idea. Prague was amazing. Our tour started in the main square in the new town (600 years old...yes this is new) the scene of the velvel revolution which lead to the collapse of communist rule in Czech in 1989. The city library interestingly was covered in repaired bullet holes from where the russian soldiers had decided to open fire upon it prob after a few too many Vodkas). After hearing about the amazing stories that had lead to the student protests that brought down the communist regime we headed to a czech bar for a beer. Then onto the old town.

The old town in Prague was also amazing. We started out in the old town square. The cathedral and glockenspiel something to be seen. Our tour guide was really funny and very well informed (a history major) who also gave us a personal account of living under a communist regime.

Lunch was had in a restaurant in an old cellar 8oo years old and the food was really good. Then we crossed over the amazing charles bridge and over to the prague castle. We saw the changing of the guard here was realy cool but not the same scale as Buckingham palace. The day ended with some amazing food in a smoky PUB reataurant. Food here was soo cheap and beer was cheaper than water. Literally 1.5 aussie dollars for a pint. Everything else however has become very expensive in Praha.

Next day we wre in the car and drove across germany to Cologne via Wiesbaden where we had to have our only compulsory car service. This was largely a travel day.

We spent 2 full days exploring Cologne which was amazing place. much of it was destroyed in the war and so only small parts remain of the old town. The stand out feature of Cologne is the amazing cathedral which puts everything else we have seen thus far (in terms of churches) to shame. WOW!!!1

We climbed the 502 steps to the top of the spire and what a view we saw. We also visited the treasurey which had some amazing artefacts. We also managed to stumble across some excavated Roam ruins that were found in the 50's in the old town. This was amazing. We actually walked down a corridor that was a sewer in 50 AD.

The next dayu we got in the car and went exploring all the little towns along the Rhein. This was truly an awesome experioence. Soooo beautiful. A highlight was the ruins of the bridge that joined Linz to ramegan that had been destroyed in the war and never rebuilt. We walked through tiny towns surrounded by hills covered with grape vines. WOW!!!!

Next we packed up and headed to London. drove from Cologne to calais and got the ferry across and after having a little trouble finding accommodation we arrived in London.

London is a cool place and there is a lot to tell so i will do that in my next update. Need to go now as the internet cafe is closing.

Love to all.
Pete (Jules and Chris)