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Jules, Pete + Chris’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Mar 2007

Location: London, UK

MapOdometer 3400
Museums the same 9
Churches 15
Car museums - still 1

Well we have finished our week in London, well almost we still have to get the 50 miles to the airport tomorrow. We have had a ball, and can see why Aussies flock here in droves. Well I am writing for Pete and I, Chris is off at the west end!! (with Kerrie)

What can we say, I think we have seen most of the amazing sights a tourist should have seen, and probably a couple we shouldn't have. We started the days wandering the streets, on a seemingly Monopoly game board, seeing Leicester Square, Covent garden, Bond Stree, Trafalger Square, Piccadily Circus, West End, Big Ben, Parliment house.... the list is endless. We've ambled through Westminster Abbey and over to Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately missing out on the changing of the guards, though saw even better. We saw the arrival of the President of Ghana for a State visit with the queen. This was accompanied by a full military parade, 21 cannon salute, the Queens horse and all the queens men (well they were a marching band). This was a pretty amazing site to see. The queen left the palace in her rolls, and returned in her horse drawn carriage, we were close enough to see her pink dress and hat.

We toured the London Tower and saw the fantastic crown jewels only yesterday, they were the best finished so far, and the largest diamond in the world. 530 carats!! It was held within the septer of King Edward the VII and is called the "Star of Africa" The crown has the 2nd largest diamond in the world also. Koo-oh--noor, nice.

Bath and Stonehenge were amazing, with our photos turning out fantastically. Amazing to this of 5000 years of history behind both of them...

Pete and I saw the Lion King last night on the West End and Chris and Kerrie are seeing Wicked tonight. Pete and I adventured to the British Museum, seeing alot more Egyptian artifacts and mummies, including Cleopatra... graham you need to come here!

Pete and I have caught up with 2 high school friends of mine, and Chris, his best mates brother Grant. We are heading tomorrow to Dublin, for another friends wedding, where we will be catching up with Tali also. Then ends our UK adventure and back into mainland Europe. Chris will, I am sure, update you on his escapades when able, however has enjoyed his time with Kerrie.

We hope again this finds you all well, lots of love to you and we are only half way through the trip!! YEAH , Pete, Jules and Chris