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Jules, Pete + Chris’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Mar 2007

Location: Paris!!, France

MapHi everyone.. we are in france at the moment, having travelled halfway across the continent to get here. Most of you know we were going to Ireland for a wedding. On the 8th we flew out of london and into dublin, picking up tali along the way. We somehow managed in london to get the warmest weather so far and landing in dublin almost snowing. Having a car was fantastic, only managing to get lost once. Our first irish beer had to be a guiness, being had in the oldest pub in Ireland, AD 600 (making it into the guiness book of worldrecords) and maybe thought to be the oldest in the world.

The wedding went well, and the reception was still going at 5 thet next morning, with bride and groom leaving after 4. The irish music was great and the aussies all managed to belt out a little khe san, down under, run to paradise, beds are burning... you get the drift.

We had a traditional St Patricks day, meaning avoiding the parade, quiet beers and lunch with lukes new in laws. It certainly appears the rest of the world celebrates St Patricks day more than the irish.

Thanks to everyone for my birthday wishes.... we had a great day travelling from ireland at 5.30am, arriving in paris around 9.30pm. The paris traffic is fantastic and somehow I was driving again. But relatively painfree, only a little frustration and alot of winging it. But here we have eaten crossoints, coffee, crepes, french onion soup and pastries to our heart content...... and our stomaches.

Having visited all the major things, the Louvre, Eiffel tower (all 700 stairs of them) the arc de triumphe, notre dame and all it entails. Tomorrow heading to champagne region and then onto Karlsruhe to stay with friends. We hope this finds all well, and lots of love

Julienne Pete and Chris