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Howie&Alice’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 08 Feb 2007

Location: Beverley, England

MapWell i had my first day of work today at Beverley Minster School in Beverley. I taught a year 6 class (only 10 & 11 yrs old). They were so well behaved and so motivated to work, i couldn't believe how lucky i was. They were very facinated with my accent. Only two of them guessed that i was Australian and only two children knew people who lived in Australia.
Beverley Minster School was also the school that Charlie and Eddie went to when Tom & Sally & the boys lived in Beverley with Granma for 6 months (about 10yrs ago).
I have to say that it was no different to teaching in Australia. Except it was an extreemly well behaved class and the work for me to teach was left for me.
This week Granma's twin brother Bill and his wife Nancy have been staying here. They are visiting from Kent in the south of London.
We have been to Hannah, Ian, Sam and Will's (aunt, uncle & cousins of Alice) place for dinner several times in Nafferton which is only about 20min drive from Beverley.