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Howie&Alice’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 30 Jun 2007

Location: London, UK

MapAnother busy month.
Went for a few walks around Hampstead Heath with some firends. (a huge park in North London - can see the whole city from there, will take photos and put them on the site). Had a picnic there. Saw Gerry Halliwell (Ginger Spice) with her baby. There are ponds which have been made into swimming pools. There is a mans pool. You can't see the pool through the bushes, but outside the bushes, there are only men lying around in their bathers. The same thing happens around the women's pool.
Met up with Claire in Baker Street (i went to uni with her).
Went out in West Hampstead for Katina's Birthday at a pub called 'The Lion'. Had lots of fun.
Celebrated my birthday. Howie and i went out for dinner at a nice pizza place at St Paul's Cathedral. Later we went to the 'Lion King'. It was fantastic! thanks to everyone who sent through birthday wishes. :)
Went for an interview at a school in North London. Sounds like a great school. i have worked there a few times on supply and it is very nice to teach at. If i accept the job. I will be put through the university of Reading to get my Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), taught Spanish as there are alot of spanish speaking parents, have my own laptop and my own Teacher Assistant (TA) who will do all my photo copying, marking and wall displays and group work within the class - every/most teachers in the UK have a TA.
We went to Buckingham Palace to watch the royals go down the Mall for the Queen's birthday. Saw Prince Will and his Dad, also Camilla. Saw Prince Andrew and his daughters, Princess Ann and the Queen and her husband. We don't have any photos of it because we filmed it. Sorry, maybe next year.