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Adam’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Nov 2006

Location: Bariloche, Argentina

MapSo.... Bariloche is beautiful!!
We got here after the 19 hours bus drive, that wasn't as bad as it sounds.... once again we slept for most of the way...
Unlike Mendoza, that is a home for 1,000,000 people, and Buenos that has 13 million of them, Bariloche is a small and beautiful city, surrounded by lakes (each as big as the KINERET) and has only 100,000 residents. Its a narrow and long city, that surrounds a beautiful lake and has a lot of green all around. nature at its best... We are staying in a nice hostel, that is actually empty, so its nice and quite.
we met here a Mexican guy (Alphonzo) that is very nice. the firs night here, we went to a restaurant (not surprising), that we heard about (Don Alberto), that, as the roomer says, has great stakes. well, we never fail.... it was one of the best stakes we ate in our life... ( i wont describe how the plate looked after we were done with it....).

the next morning (or after noon), we rented bicycles and did a nice, 4 hours tour, around the area. as you can see in the pics, the view is indescribable... you should see it in live. At night, we went to another restaurant, Fonda del Tio (home of the uncle), with home made food (MISEDET POALIM). the food was not bad at all, but the service wasn't good as much. we had to wait for more then half an hour, and that's not a fun thing to do when you are hungry. from there we went to this pub, that was, how to say it? felt like home... only because, except of the waitres, all the people there were Israelis... we met a few that we met before, but it wasn't that fun...

In Bariloche, like in Mendoza and Buenos, the streets are in a block formation, so its easy getting by around the city. the only problem is that the drivers here never heard about letting pedestrians cross the street, so each time we want to do so, we need to be very aware to our surroundings... actually, that goes for all Argentina...

We rented a car for a month (yes- a month) to do all south Argentina.
we start our trip tomorrow, going to pucon (Chile) and coming back all the way down to Oswaya (well, thats the plan anyway..)
Yesturday we did a horse riding trip at a mountain near by and with sunset we eat dinner... yes, Asado... it was very nice. we went near the CONDORs habitat area, and we saw them flying above us. it is said to be the biggest bird in the world... well, a groun one can reach up to 50 kg, and have a wing sprad of 3 miters..

we hope we will have a good time in our road trip. i dont know when will the next update will be, so enjoy these pictures until then..