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Adam’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Dec 2006

Location: Ushuaia-Fin del mundo, Argentina

Maphi everybody....
its been a long time since we last talked. the gaps in technology are to blame...
OK, so grab a hold to your seat, this is going to be long....

we left Bariloche with our new car, heading to Pucon which is in Chile. On the way there were a few stops as followed..
We drove on a nice road that's called "the 7 lakes" which leads from Bariloche to San martin. its a nice way to drive with great view and a lot of water all around. Our first stop was by a lake at a camping site where we cooked our dinner and it was very nice.
After that we continued our way to San Martin where we stayed for the night. its a nice small town by a big lake.
From there we crossed the border to Chile and headed to Pucon. Pucon is a small village by a great active volcano. The last time it erupted was 1973 - so relax. We went to hot springs for a day which was nice but very hot cause we went at noon. The next day, we went to climb the volcano which was hard because it was a very steep sloap and all on snow. At the top there was a great view, but you couldnt breath near the hole cause of the steam. The good part is how we got down the mountain.. We all had special pants and we slided all the way down at a great speed! That was very fun. After that, we drove back to Bariloche for a day before starting our way south.
At night, we discovered our first car problem. Flat tire. After we fixed it (which coast 15 shekels), we headed south in Argentina because the road in Chile is bad. Before the border to cross to Chile to start our way, we had our second adventure. We ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. But, worry not, for as cats do, we always land on our feet. after 15 minuts someone stoped to help us and had (not like us) a spare tank of gas which was luckily the kind we needed. Then, like we didnt had enough of it, we had another flat tire, in the same wheal! so we had to sleep at the next town which was a hole, called Futaleafu, but we bought there a cover for our bags on the roof which we leard later that it was a good idea.
Our way to south went through Chile in a road called: CARATERA AUSTRAL. Its a long road that goes from north to south (1,200 km) but we did only 700km of it, stoped on the way in nice small places, sleeping in a hostel or in our luxus tent...
At the end of the road, we crossed the border back to Argentina, in Chile Chico which is a border city. The borders here are like the entrance to a Kibotz. even less.
From there we continued to El Calafate to see a big Glacier that keeps falling. That was a beautiful thing to see.
Then, the way took us back to Chile to a national park called "Torres del paines" where we did a day trek up the mountain to see the famous Torreses. then we drove our way to Ushuaia, where we are now. To get here we had to go through Chile anyway, cause this part of Argentina isn't connected to the rest of it. The options are to go through Chile and cross the ocean on a ferry with the car, or by airplane.
So now we are here. At the end of the world - Fin del mundo. From here we can only get closer to home, although it might take a few months.... :)