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Adam’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 09 Jan 2007

Location: Back in Buenos Aires, Argentina

MapWell, you waited long enough and we did enough to fill another page.
Back in Buenos Aires, it feels like its the end of the first chapter of our trip. We closed a circle.
From Ushuaia, we headed back to Bariloche to return the car. As you already know, Ushuaia isn't connected to the rest of Argentina, so we had to go through Chile again (for the 4th and last time. All of our passports are filled with Chile's stamps). Then we drove all the way straight to Rio Gallegos which took us one day and about 750km. We spent the night there, only to wake up the next morning to drive another 750km to the next city which was Comodoro Rivadavia. This was a very big city, but not very nice. The interesting thing about it, was that it produces a third of Argentina's "black gold". It has oil pumps all around it. There must be a couple of hundred spread around like someone just threw them in the air only to see where they would land. In our third day, crossing Argentina, we landed in a small town, where we passed on our way south but didn't gave it much attention, called El-Bolson.
We slept there for a night and then went to see a nice forest near by. The main attraction in that forest was that inside of it, were sculptures that were made from the trees. From there, the way to Bariloche was short. After we "sold" our car back to the rental company (I wont say the name to prevent free advertising), we felt a bit relaxed. no more looking for garages at every city we came to, just to be prepared for something might happen...
In Bariloche we celebrated the new year. What was funny about that attempt, was the pact that all the parties started at about 02:00am, and the only people wondering the streets at 00:00 were Israelis. Finally we found a place to have a drink and stayed there till sunrise. After a few more days spent in Bariloche, we decided to continue to the lovely city of Mendoza, that we liked so much on our first time around. There, we stayed in a nice hostel that was a bit far from the center which made us walk a lot. that wasn't so bad considering the fact that we didn't do any exercise since we left the holly land. The hotel owner and two sons looked like the three bears. The youngest whighing at least 30kg (and he is only 5 years old) so you can imagen the father... On Friday, we heard about a good party, so we've put on our best clothes and headed that way in a cab. It took 20 min to get there, but it was closed just as we arrived to the seane. We tried to talk our way in but didn't manage to do so. Feeling bumd, and not wanting to pay for another cab to get back, we asked one of the million kids that where there if we can go back to the city with him and he said "si", so that what we did. It turned up to be a funny ride so we had fun that night anyway.
Now, we thought about going to Cordova, but decided that we could pass more time in Buenos Aires, only not to arrive to Brazil too early before the carnival cause its very expensive there. we made our decision for two reasons: One, we hadn't been much here when we just landed, and second, we both have a lot of friends here. So now we are here and that's the end of it.
We have met all of our friends and are trying to plan how to pass our almost two weeks we plan on being here. We went around the city today and in the next couple of days we will plant roots here. We are looking to rent an apartment for a week or so, cause it will be more comfortable and maybe cheaper. There is a lot to do here so we are keeping our selves busy for now.
Viva Argentina.