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Adam’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Mar 2007

Location: Salta, Argentina

MapThis update is going to be a sad one.... get some tishue while you read this...
So, after relaxing in itacare for more then a week, we headed to Ariel De Ajuda, or as the locals call it - Israel De Ajuda... :) We took a bus to a city called Porto Seguro which is right next to Ariel De Ajuda and from there a taxi to the center, walked around looking for a hostel that will take us in. Well, we found the best one in the city and had a great week relaxing next to its pool, reading books and not doing much, like you already know.
Its a nice small city, that has a nice center to walk through at night with alot of coffee places and restuarontes. After we had enogh of the pool, we haded to the next beautiful island of Ilha Grande, which some say has the nicest beaches in brazil. It was not an easy task getting there. From Ariel De Ajuda (or actually Porto Seguro), we took a bus to the city of Vitoria with a 10 hours bus drive and got off at its local airport. From there we took an one hour flight to Rio, where we spent about 5 hours in its hot central station thinking what to do next. In the end, we bought our selves tickets to the Iguazu (for later use) and headed to Angra, which is a city on the cost a bit southern from Rio, where we took a ferry to our destination of Ilha Grande. Well, like they say, its hard to determan which beach is the nicest one, but without a doubt, this island has some of the nicest views we had ever seen....
It feels like looking at a postcard, only the diffrance is we are in it!
actually nothing ill say can describe it and the pics are as close as you can get to understanding it, but still, you just have to be there...
On the first day we got there we went to the closest beach just to teast it. It was great. Surounded by coconats trees and mountains around, it was like a dream. On the second day, we took a boat trip that goes from one beach to another around the island. It was amazing. We went to the blue lagun, and when i say blue i meen BLUE. It was like beeing in a sweeming pool and you could see the bottom although it was about 5 meters deep. Then, to the green lagun, and again - green! swam with the fish and saw many beautiful things. Did shnorcaling and ate fruits on boared. It was worth every ´real´... (the brazilian money). The next day was winter. The sky opened, and it rained all day so we stayed at home (we rented an apartment). On the last day we went to another far away beach (Lopez Mendez) which was nice. We walked for 2 hours to get there through the jungel, and took the boat taxi back.
Then, it was time to leave the island... We took the ferry back to Angara and then a bus to Rio to use the tickets we bought for the Iguazu. There, lior and i went to see the waterfalls (yes, i went again- but it was amazing -again), while rotem and the rest left to Salta (Argentina) where we are now all togehter again.
You ask why this chapter is sad? well, its the end of Brazil for us. No more heavenly fruits and beaches, all day and all night. No more Portoguis for us. Back to the Spanish again....
Now we have Bolivia to look fowerd to, after we will spend here a few days eating stakes that we missed so much.
If you ever hear us complain, slap us..... :)

hope you are all well.
miss you.