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Adam’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 14 Apr 2007

Location: Cusco, Peru

MapWe left La Paz for our visit in the jungles. We bought a plain ticket with the army airforse and were suposs to take off at 11:00am. As the saying goes in Bolivia - Todo Possible, Nada Seguro (which means- everything is possible, nothing is certain), we took off at 17:00pm after spending a few hours in the airport... The flight went well considering. The view was amazing. We felt like we are in a movie flying above the jungles and landing in the middle of it, watching the trees going by the window. We landed on a dirt road in Rorrenabaque. Then we went to find a hostel to rest before waking up the following morning to go to the Pampas which are a big swamps. We got to our destination after a 5 hours trip via jeep that almost fell apart on a road that only the brave can survive... :) with a lot of mud and tricky parts. Luckily we had a skilled driver that does it every day....
As we got there we went on a kanu that will become our home for the 3 days. Our guide was a crazy indian 24 years old guy that looks like mogly... Every day, we went on the kanu to diffrent places and saw many kinds of animals (mostly mosquitoes) and trees, and held some snakes and monkeys, fishing for piranhas and eating them at dinner. Every evening, we came back to our camp in the middle of the swamp in a wooden shack with mosquito nets, so the mosquitoes got us during the day... We ate very well thanks to our cook that made great food. After those three days, we returned in the same way we came, with the same jeep and the same driver, only this time, after 4 hour drive, our driver didn't pay attention and got us stuck in the middle of a big mud puddle. we all pushed it out, got our self dirty and with a few more mosquito bites and at 20:30 arrived to Rorrenabaque, found another hostel and rested before our 3 days in the jungle that was to start the next morning.
We woke up early and went to the near by river to take a 3 hours cruz in another kanu. We went up stream to our camp. We got there at noon and ate lunch. Then, we met our guide that looked like the first one, and was not less crazy. In the jungle we saw less animals but more kinds of plants and learned about their virtues. We held a Tarantula spider, and as I'm writing this i still cant believe we did that. We made some rings and stuff from the fruits of the jungle.
At the last day we built a raft and three of us (rotem, eshel and my self) returned half the way on it until we had a few problems with some trees on the way.... :) it was very fun and funny. As the book says, we came "back from the Tuichi" river.
another thing that was very funny, was that even in the middle of the jungle in the middle of nowhere, the guides speak Hebrew and know all the slang better then they know English...
Back in Rorrenabaque, flow back to La Paz in a flight from hell, and took a bus trip to Cusco-Peru where we are now. On the way here, we passed through lake TITICACA which is the highest lake in the world- about 3810m above sea level. It is located on the border between Bolivia and Peru.
There we went to see the floating islands that the locals built and are living on them. They are amazing! They build it from the roots of a plant which floats, that grows in the lake and all the other things, such as their houses, are built from the plant it self.
Then we continued to Cusco.
Now, we are planing our next adventure.