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Adam’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Apr 2007

Location: Cuzco, Peru

MapIn Cuzco, the city of opportunities, you can do what ever you want...
You can go for a city tour, and finish your week in a rafting boat or bungee jumping, and that's after you finish looking at the city it self that is beautiful with old buildings and nice atmosphere.
We started our visit to Cuzco with an anti-gravity attraction.... we all went bungee jumping and superman jumping (which is like bungee just the other way around-they shoot you up from the ground to the sky). It was a great experience. Its a feelling we never felt before. Its like falling from a building, only staying alive to tell about it. You'll see the pics, but nothing ill say can describe it. You just need to do it!
After that, we went rafting. it starts slow and gradually gets more and more serious. It was very fun, but not as exiting as we thought it would be. After that, we started to plan our visit to the Inca city of Machu Pichu (which means- old mountain). As you know, this site is one of the most toured places in the world, and yet, I'm sure no one has ever done it like we did.
There are a few options of getting there: 1. by train 2. guided tour 3. trekking 4. rent 2 motorcycles and a jeep.... yes, we did just that...
We left early in the morning cause we knew we had a long way ahead. Only 3 hours to the trip, our jeep had enough, and refused to continue. Luckily we had 2 motors with us, so I (with one) and Eshel (with the other) went to 2 different directions to seek help. Finally when we understood there is no way to continue that day, after a mechanic told us it will take a while (and boy, was he right), we haded to the nearest town called Ollantaytambo, where we met the man we rented it from that rushed to our aide (when i say "rushed" i hope you understand my meaning). To make a long story short, he said "it will be ready for you in about 2 hours" for the next couple of days. In the end after being the tourists that stayed the longest in Ollantytambo, and having fun with ourselves and enjoing it, we left again on our way. It was a great way with nice views along it. The first night we stayed in Santa Maria cause the sun disappeared before we could get to our destination of Santa Teresa. We left again at 05:00am and got to Santa Teresa, where we left the vehicles and headed to the city of "agua qualiente" which actually mean "hot water". This city is at the foot of the Machu Pichu and the only way to get there is by train or with the help of your feet. After a 3 hour walk, from where the taxi (when i say taxi i mean 10 people standing in a back of a truck) dropt us cause it couldn't continue any further because of an avalanche, we got to Agua Qualiente and took a bus up the mountain to the Incas city. It is a great place and has a great view. Ofcorse you need to pay a lot of money to have that experience. After that tour, we stayed the night in Agua Qualiente and first thing in the morning took the train and taxi (when i say taxi, i mean a combi with 21 people in it) back to Santa Teresa to take our vehicles and head back to Cuzco. After having breakfast, 10 minutes on the road and my gear handle broak off the motorcycle, so we returned to Santa Teresa and after calling the agency, left it there to be picked by a truck that goes to Cuzco once a week and was leaving just as we got there. I joined the jeep and here and there switched with Eshel on the other bike.
We arrived back to Cuzco at 20:30pm after 5 days that started as 3. If you are tired from reading this, imagine how it was for us. All and all, it was an experience we will remember for a long time and for that we are traveling.
Now we are planing our next trip, but this is a whole other chapter.....