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Adam’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Location: Lima, Peru

MapHow should i start this chapter? I think this chapter is a big turning point of the trip...
Ill start where i left you before. Well, we returned from the Machu Pichu and thought about our next attraction, which was eventually the Auzangate. That weird name you didn't understand, is the name on the mountain that we went to see at first hand. We (Rotem, Or, Alon, Elad, Dana, Shacar, Lior and my self) took a bus to a town called Tinki, where we stayed the first night in a small hostel that had, how not, a big sign in Hebrew in the entrance. The next morning we packed our stuff and headed, with the help of our guide (which was the cook as well), 3 helpers, and about 15 horses (we can argue about that. some say they are donkeys) to the foot of the big white mountain. We left by foot up the first hill, and soon realized we haven't been working out for a while, but we had an excuse, we were at around 3,300m above sea level. Then with the help of the horses that we picked up on the way, so they will carry all of our stuff which includes our big lazy asses, continued our trip that was mainly up hill until we reached the height of 4,400 mas o menos. On the way stopping for lunch, we arrived at our first camp site, not before Rotem was thrown off his horse, which will later do the same to Lior and yours truly. Eventually we reached to the conclusion that the "muchilot" will be a butter luggage for it. At our camp site, the guides built us some tents and cooked dinner, to the foot of the big white (and I'm not talking about "moby dick" :). I wont say the night was frizzing cold, but it was certainly not hot... the next morning we got up looking for the sun to heat us up, and continued our journey until we were at the the peak (not the peak of it but as high as we got :). There, we saw a nice lagoon that was created from the malting ice where we had lunch. For the second night, we arrived to another small town (so small i cant remember the name) where we deeped our selves in a hot spring (not natural) next to our hostel (4 walls and a mattress). For the last day we went all the way down hill with the horses that never run, and with our own feet, until we arrived back to Tinki, had lunch and headed back to Cusco. It was great fun with nice view as always.

You ask now, in all that, where is the turning point...? well, after spending a few more days in Cusco, lior and my self said our goodbyes from the rest of the gang and left them behind. Some, we might meet in the near future, at our next destination of Colombia, and the rest are going back home to the holly land. After 6 month that Rotem and i were in each others ass 24/7, the next time we will meet we will be in Zur-Igal. (It was great... see you behind the school for 2x2... :))
From now this is "Lior and Adam do the rest of south America... and then the northern part of it...."

After our sad parting, Lior and I continued to the city of Ica. The special thing about it as we learned, is that its in the middle of the desert. We went there for one thing only, SandBoard. We took a baggie ( a 4x4 open car for 10 people) and headed up the big dunes. As we got there, after feeling like in a rollercoster, we did the sandboard down the hills at a great speed. It was an adrenalin rush and lots of fun!
Then, we stayed there for a couple of days and headed to the capital - Lima, to catch our flight to Colombia.
Lima is a big busy city like we haven't known for a while. There is not much to do here.

Well, we have a flight to catch so until the next time, take care......
Miss you all.....