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Adam’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 09 Jun 2007

Location: Los Angeles, USA

MapYou have waited long enough... I think you earned this update....
So, after having fun in Ica and going to Lima, where on the way, Liors camera was stolen by a little local monkey on the bus right under our nose, we spent a day in Lima going to the police station to report the case. Then, went to grab a bite to eat and at night, caught the flight to Medellin-Colombia, the capital of cock and coffee... To tell you the truth, we thought there will be more to see, but as we realized, there wasn't a good enough reason to get out of the hostel and leave the sofa and stop watching movies... From there, we almost made a mistake and didn't go to Cartagena but we ended up going there and we were happy with the choice we have made, although the way was long 15 hours by bus. Cartagena is one of the oldest citys in Colombia and is very nice and interesting. Old city with nice buildings and good atmosphere. We walked around its streets and one day took a boat trip to see the nice islands near by and to "Playa Blanca"- White Beach. From there we took the bus to Santa Marta which took us about 4 hours to get to and then to the near by town called Taganga. Taganga is a very small fisherman's town that the main income of the locals is from .... you guessed it - fishing. Another thing about that place is that it is close to the national park Tairona which is very nice and looks a lot like the beaches of Brazil. That was our next destination for 2 nights, sleeping on hamacs and laying on the beach all day. We got there by bus that took us to the entrance of the park, and from there we went walking for an hour and ahalf through the jungle until we reached the sea. from there, another half an hour walking on the cost through some poscard like beaches, until we arrived to the camp. After spending there the 2 nights, we returned to Taganga with a small boat that they packed with 18 israelies, and arrived to Taganga wet as if we swam back, for a few more days to do some more nothing, and from there, we ended up in the Caribbeans for 5 nights to do some more nothing, but with style. We bought the tickets for the resort in Catagena and we had a plane from Barranquilla which is a city between Cartagena and Santa Marta, so when the time had come, we left Taganga and headed to Barranquilla to catch our flight, only the air line company thought differently. As we came to board the plane, we were informed that we do not have a flying ticket. After a long hour on the phone with the agency we bought it from, we boarded the plain last just as it was about to leave. Those 5 days there, were a nice finish to the southern part of America. When I thought about this trip at the beginning, I never thought ill end up in the Caribbeans. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but thats life... Unpredictable... For that reason, we made 2,328 confirmation calls for our flight back to Bogota (it was free to call the air line from the hotel :) and as before, we were surprised again. We were told that we have the ticket to Bogota and all is OK (yeah!) but we also have a connection flight back to Barranquilla - Thank you very much, don't want it!. and that was exactly what I told them, so they said we need to pay for the cancellation, i said i would not pay for it, so they just canceled it. We arrived to Bogota at 16:00 and had the flight to LA the following morning, so we spent the night at the airport. Then, cheerfully boarded the flight and after a stop in Mexico we arrived through the gates of LAX to the city of Los Angeles (that now that i know Spanish, i can tell you it means "the angels" :).
Lior's family welcomed us as we walked out.
From the 3erd world to the first, i have to see how much time will it take to get use to hot water and good food.

Now, the south is behind me, but well in my memory, I look forward to compair it with the most western world we know. The land of opportunities...

Until the results come....