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Adam’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 01 Jul 2007

Location: Home sweet home...., Israel

MapWell, it came to that. You are reading the last chapter of this journey. What can i tell you? its nice being back home, to plan my future.
So, arriving to LA and getting used to the new world wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. Being in LA is just like being in the TV. It all looks so familiar. We went to Santa Monica one day and walked around the peer and coast, went to Hollywood to see the stars, and even went to Universal studios to see what its all about.
After spending there 2.5 weeks, it was time to head back home. I took a flight from LA to NY and from there to Madrid where i had to wait 15 hours for my connection flight to the holly land, so i went walking around the streets of Madrid for 5 hours to pass the time. Its a good thing i did that cause as i found out it was much easier than i thought it will be. i took the metro that leaves the airport, to the city and got of at the center. Madrid is very beautiful and there is a lot of nice things to see there. From old buildings and nice streets to nice people and good atmosphere. i walked around and took a lot of pictures with the new camera i bought in LA. i sat in a park and had lunch and almost fell asleep. then i returned to the airport and slept on a bench for 6 hours until my flight finally took off. i slept all the way, almost without noticing that we made a stop in Barcelona. In Israel, i was picked up by Lior that came a day before me and then we went surprising the family one by one, and came to dad's 60th b-day party.

it seems so long ago when i was in south America. i have only the pictures of my cam and in my head to remember being in 7 countries (Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, LA), taking a lot of buses and taxis, seeing lots of new places and meeting a lot of interesting people.
i want to thank all the people i met on the way that made this trip to what it was. i had mostly a good time and its hard to think about the times i didn't. i learned a lot even if i don't know it and i hope ill do it again some day. Paying in 7 different kinds of money and talking in a few new languages, i hope ill wont forget it all soon.

now all i have to do is plan my future....
i wont be surprised if ill have to write another dairy soon... if you know what i mean... :)
take care and be in touch !