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Brendan Ross’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 30 Nov 2006

Location: San Pedro, Guatemala

MapWell its been a while since my last entry, sorry i have been rather lazy just enjoying the sunshine, lakes, beaches, caves, ruins, and volcano and doing some spanish lessons.
Our stay in ulum was wicked staying in bungalows right on the beach for a few nights, spent the day swimming and working our our tans, the place only had one set of ruins so we quickly got that out of the way so would could just relax.
We heading from ulum on the 10th november and headed to Belize, the chicken buses were crammed but fun all the same.
The officals at the boarder crossings love chucking in some Aussie slang when they see your passport which is always entertaining mostly for them.
Got to Belize City and headed straight out to Caye alker Island for a few nights.