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Brendan Ross’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Dec 2006

Location: Tela, Honduras

MapSo we got to Caye Caulker Island and stayed for 3 nights, its a nice little islands takes prob 20min to walk one end to the other.
The nights were spent drinking Rum in American style bars and getting sun burnt during the day, i havnt been so hot before the sun was intense.
On the second day we went out snorkelling on the barrier reef, plenty of sting rays and nurse sharks around as you can see from the photos, Carls was a little worried having the same last name as Steve Irwin, I always had an eye on where there barb was.

Monday the 13th Dec we got the boast back to Belize City and straight onto a bus to Flores, Guatemala.
The only reason to go to Flores was to see the Tikal ruins, we booked that as soon as we got to Flores and the bus picked us up at 330am the next morning.
Tikal ruins date back to around 700BC and were worth the effort to get there, our tour guide took us through ther forrest with torches and we climbed one of the temple to watch the sun rise.
The jungle really comes alive at the time of the morning with animals calling out to each other from everywhere, the spider monkeys make one hell of a noise which would scare the crap out of anyone.
The view ontop of some of the ruins was very impressive, with some of the other temple tops visible through the jungle mist.

We arrived back in Flores at midday but was so tired from the early morning trek we decided to stay an other night and sleep the rest of the day, very smart option.

The afternoon of Wed 15th Nov we got a bus to Coban, Coban is a largish city but one its best not the stay in, unfortunately we arrived at around 9pm so had no other option, our accomodation was like a jail cell and nobody used the toilets or showers and we left at around 7am the next morning.
After walking the streets for about 50 min following this old local guy we found a bus to take us to Lanquin, it was only 2hrs on the bus but when the bus is only a 15 seater with 23 crammed in its not the most comfortable, but the people are so nice and will really go out of their way to help.