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Brendan Ross’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 26 Dec 2006

Location: Panama City, Panama

MapWe then headed off to Antigua, which is this cool little city at the base of a couple of volcanoes, we did a trip up to one of the volcanoes at sunset which was amazing, walking over the cooled lava, we walked up to a couple of lava rivers, very exciting
The markets in Antigua were wicked I bought about half a dozen t-shirts which I probably shouldn't have due to not much room in the back pack, but I couldn't resist.
The hostel we stayed at was called the Black Cat, bit of a party hostel, the pub crawl was good fun. We made plenty of friends namely the girl Chris from Jersey which is an island between the UK and France and an English guy David, Chris travelled with us for the next few weeks until Playa Tamarindo and David is still with us, both are good fun and their spanish is a bit better than mine and the boys which has made us a bit lazy leaving the talking up to them.
Our next stop in Guatemala is San Pedro La Laguna, we stayed here for a week doing spanish lessons, the place is very relaxing, its on a fresh water lake.
We spent our days getting up at 730am, we would then walk the 15min to our lessons picking up a banana cake from the little girls in the street for breakfast each morning. The teacher I was given was named Delia, she was such a loving lady and gave me homework each day to be tested on the next morning, the lessons were taken in the garden over looking the lake, I loved the lessons but after 3hrs my brain was ready to explode, luckily our lessons were for only 4hr each day.
Each morning Delia would say "como esta Brendan" asking how I was, which i would reply "yo estoy thirste" Delia would then look sad at me, I would say its fine Just a bit thirsy i'll just go and get a coffee all good, it wasn't until the last day that I realised at 'thirste' means sad not thirsty, D'oh.

The rest of the day we would spend swimming in the lake, the fresh water made it very refreshing. During our time here it was Carl's birthday which we celebrated by drinking lots of rum and not going to bed until lunch time the following day.