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Brendan Ross’s Travel Diary

Friday, 29 Dec 2006

Location: Bogota, Colombia

MapAlrighty then, last night we drank a bottle of Jack rum and vodka at the hostel then got a taxi to the other part of the city where a couple of clubs are, you can imagine we were in pretty fine form by this stage, we started drinking with a few of the locals, they had some kind of grappa snapps drink and insisted we have about 10 shots each, by this stage we were off and dancing doing a bit of salsa, I danced with a couple of girls that would stand on a chair to dance with me, they loved it always a good laugh.
The night was ended with the usual takeaway from out the front of the club, it was some kind of potatoe salsa bbq something, it hit the spot, then back to the hostel, woke up around noon today still drank, think i´ll go and have another nap, cya