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Tasha’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Location: Argentina


In fact it looks a lot like Charles de Gaulle Airoprt. Yes thats right i´m in Paris, the plane was delayed, I reckon cos the pilot was watching the footie, he did keep us informed of the score throught. Anyways all the passangers that had connecting flights, got express delivery to their gates, including me. The only difference being, all the other passangers planes waited for them! So i´m now using the crapest touch screen internet box to update you all. I´ve got a wicked picture of the Gaulle to upload, when I get on a normal computer :)

PS. If you think youre likely to be a person that I might want to call or text while away could you please email me your mobile numbers, as I don´t have my usual phone with me, and didn´t have time to write em down. Cheers guys!