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Tasha’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 21 May 2006

Location: Posadas, Argentina

MapMi Cumpleaños

Well i´m now veintesiete, late twenties! I cant claim to be young anymore! Yesterday I had my introduction talk with the other new i-to-iers. Then I went to Paraguay with Lery, Clare and Kathy, not sure why, I think just to get some extra stamps on the passport.Then Veronica the in country co-ordinator organised a party for my birthday, which I thought was really sweet. I got a little scared at first when I turned up with my Gin and Tonic, and there wasnt another alcholic drink in sight. Slowly though they all came out, as to did the food, to my relief! All the other i-to-iers came, infact I had a better turn out than I usually do.hehe! Then we went onto a club called Power, one of the largest in Argentina, and it was pretty big! We turned up at ten to one and had to wait ten minutes for it to open. This morning the Fierro family, (the family i´m staying with) organised a big lunch for me, that was due to start between twelve and one. I woke up at one and when I made it to the table they were all sat round waiting for me, I felt quite bad but it was all good, infact I had my first chunks of Argentinian Beef - uuuummmm!