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Tasha’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Location: Argentina

MapSanta Terisita Home for Girls

Santa Terisita is the name of the orphange i´m working in, its just for girls, but there is a school attached which is mixed. There are aproximately 60 girls in the home and their age ranges from about 4 to 16. So far i´ve helped dish out meals, with washing the girls, which mainly consisted of dishing out soap and then giving the girls that had washed perfume. Yesterday Clare and I went out and bought a few skipping ropes, hola hoops and balls for the girls to play with as they only seemed to have one football, and today we played games and sang songs. Its a shame that there isn´t more for us to do, although the home doen´t have may staff, and some just sit around drinking matè (pronouced matay) special tea! - which must have something addictive in it cos people carry it around with them all day). The home seems to run quite well, the girls kinda look after themselves and even help with the cleaning. Its quite sad when you look around at the girls and they are so sweet, and you just can´t imagin why their folks dont want them. But then again there are always two sides to a coin and life is baltantly quite hard for some folks out here.