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Tasha’s Travel Diary

Friday, 26 May 2006

Location: Argentina

MapLife in Posadas

I've noticed a few strange things around here, like the people of Posadas seem to be obsessed with washing the street! Everyday you will walk passed at least 4 people outside their houses or shops just washing the street!? - why?

I've already mentioned these guys obsession with mate, well to give a bit more info; they put the herbs??/tea leaves into this ceramic beaker and then add hot water, and its drank through a communal straw, which acts as a tea strainer, but not a very good one as you get loads of bits in your mouth. As well as carrying the beaker around you also have to carry around a flask of hot water!?! - hassle!

Ok I know its Autumn here, but today its definitely 25+, and these guys are wearing jumpers and fleeces. Nowhere else have I seen people in sun glasses adverts wearing jumpers!

Another observation, every other shop is a photocopying shop????

I have never seen such a good selection of old school cars, bar the odd VW or Peugeot, its like being in the 70`s - it great!

Ok last of all .... the dogs! These guys love em, they are everywhere! The family i'm staying with have 3, and that's about average. The problem being bar the obvious, sheer number, is the fact, that the dogs aren't controlled like they are back in the UK. There aren't any puppy classes over here, the laid back chilled approach they have on life continues with their pets. Night time, well, that's when they all start 'communicating' with each other, its ridiculous, they bark all night, and it really is starting to do my head in! that I am having an amazing time! hehe

A late addition, I forget to mention the freestyle baby carrying, buggies are somewhat of a rarity and when you do see someone pushing one, they usaually have the baby in their arms, bouncing about.