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Tasha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 06 Jun 2006

Location: Bolivia

MapIguazu Falls

I'm sure the pictures speak for themselves, the Falls are truly amazing! In fact they did start a debate as to weather epic or awesome was the best way to describe them, and which was bigger epic or indeed awesome, I think we decided on epically awesome!

For those of you that like a bit of history, the falls were formed because the Rio (river) Iguazu passes over a basaltic plateau, where the lava flow stopped abruptly and now thousands of cubic meters of water falls into the terrain below. Now for some interesting history - what can only be described as crackpot tour guides used to paddle tourists across the top of the falls, but this ended in 38, when one guy just couldn't take the strain, and went over with his boat full of German tourists! - kinda inevitable if you ask me.

Back to me, the day was excellent and consisted of walking around the bottom of the Falls Pics 1 to 5. Then we went on a speed boat that took you right into the falls - lots of fun! Unfortunately the boat that took you across to a little Island broke down, and unsurprisingly they didn't have another one on standby, in fact the guy did even bother to tell us that the boat had broken, or when they thought they'd be able to get another. Once recovered from our thwarted plan we had a wander around the Devils Throat (Sorry mum but that's what its called!), all the while following Aiden's direction, so named by Aiden, but we all found it quite amusing! The Throat was definitely the most amazing part of the falls, the views were gorgeous and the noise was awesome! This was followed by a very tranquil boat ride, were we saw the croc, a toucan and a monkey.

Quote of the day - The water wasn't that wet?!