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Tasha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 25 Jul 2006

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapPart 2

This update has been a long time coming. Since my last one, I have left Argentina, spent a week back home chilling out with friends and family. In temperature topping England, which was excellent, It surprised me how happy I was to see everyone. Caught up with everybody that I wanted to bar Aiden, which does frustrate me immensely. Hopefully catch you in OZ Mr James. And finally I have flown out to Thailand. But before I start on Thailand I feel it only proper to conclude on Argentina.

The dread (and I don't mean you Dad) started on the bus back to BA, I'm talking that Sunday night really don't want to go to work in the morning dread! I had planned on spending my last few days in Ushaia the southern most city in the world, flying to BA, then two days in BA, before flying home. Fellow travellers had said how easy it was to sort out a flight to Ush in El Calalfate, and that I should just wait until I got there, to do it. However I was unawares that it was holiday season and, that meant that all the flights were full. So instead of spending two days in another city, I spent them on a bus. 40 hours on a bus! 40 HOURS! I was especially angered by the fact that for the first time in the whole of my lone travelling I knew people in the next town. Gutted! - I'll just have to make sure that I go next time I'm in the country. Which if the plan stands will be July 2007.

The last couple of days in Benous Aires were brilliant, for some reason BA got better. The first time round, I wasn't really that impressed, it was just another big city. Although I visited some cool areas and ate the best steak. I couldn't understand why people loved it so much. Second time round really was different, it seamed more fun, more vibrant, maybe cos I knew people there this time, maybe cos, this visit was followed by home time, I really couldn't say. I shopped caught up with a few people, and ate in a very fancy restaurant.

To conclude on Argentina......
Empanadas are mearly, pasties
Dulce de Leche, is simply caramel.
And mate really is, just tea!

Day one Thailand......and Its been fairly smooth, bar queuing in the wrong que for an hour at heathrow, nearly missing boarding, and getting fleeced in a taxi from the airport, and then the taxi driver sending us in the opposite direction to the guest house! Its been smooth - hehe! We landed at 645 Thai time (we are 7 hours infrount in case your wondering) and it was dark, shocked me. I get it now, before you smart arses start to explain.

Once settled Claire and I went out and had two meals each. 2 for 2 pound a deal you just cant pass up. It is definitely quite strange to be sat next to Claire both of us updating our journals, when I used to reading the msg left for me, by her back home.

I'm off I'll be back when I've got something more interesting to say!