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Tasha’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 02 Aug 2006

Location: Ko Samui, Thailand

Complete mayhem, there is no other way to describe it. The 5 days we were there absolutely flew by. The lobster incident was so significant that I am now going to name all days in relation to it. So day 1 AF (After Lobster), we decided to do a spot of sightseeing, flagged down a Tuk Tuk and negotiated a price as usual. The driver told us that he would take us to see all the sights, however that wasn't quite the truth of it, this we figured out quite soon. First we were taken to see a lucky Buddha lucky, Buddha (everything is repeated), wasn't one of the things on our list, but we thought - why not?.! While looking at the Buddha this seemingly nice man starts chatting to us, asks the usual questions where you from, what have you been up to, what have you seen etc. We get chatting and our map out so that the guy can mark out some landmarks. Then he slips in to the conversation that if we want a suit made that we should go to Top Ten a really good shop, better quality than the rest blah blah. We think nothing to much of if, and decided that's there is nought wrong if he wants to plug a mates shop. Gets back in the Tuk Tuk to see the next sight, and guess where we stop 'Top Ten'. I thought this has got to be some kind of joke. Anyways after chatting to the driver he explains how if we spend a bit of time in these shops he gets petrol vouchers, so we agreed to go along with it for a while. However after the 3rd random meeting of a guy in a not very famous landmark, plugging yet another shop we have no intention of buying anything. We had had enough!! Luckily the evening was rounded off by a very luxurious trip to the cinema and a very cosy Tuk Tuk journey!

I came to the conclusion that Bangkok is all a scam and all the Thia's are in on it!
Bedlam in Bangkok to Diving in Ko Tao

Day 2 AF, once it got going it was quite late, and although we were leaving that day we were determined to watch the Thai boxing. By the time we got there, we got to watch an hour, before having to leave to catch our train - ring side seats mind, which was pretty cool! We got back to the hotel with 20 mins to pay, pack and leave. Then 20 mins to get to the train station, which we explained to the taxi driver. Who was the quirkiest man you could imagine, and kept saying oh quick, quick and making squeaking noises, as if that would get us there faster, slightly scary but absolutely hilarious. He was great and got us there with time to spare.

Ko Tao
Just spent 5 nights in Ko Tao, one of the most remote islands on the east side of Thailand, I cant describe how tranquil and lovely, it was! Did a spot of diving, and took to it like a fish out of water. Seriously black folk don't belong I'm the sea! hehe. Jokes aside it was an amazing experience, there is a proper whole new world down there. Just arrived on Ko Samui today, which can only be described as the Costa Del sol of Thailand. Still it makes a refreshing change from Ko Tao - well maybe not refreshing, but definitely a change!